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Israel on edge for Iranian retaliation as Tehran views strike on embassy as an attack on its territory
  • This is how actual wars begin. An attack on an embassy, then a retaliatory attack, then a huge attack in retaliation of the first retaliatory attack, and then war.

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    The less you vote, the more you back Trump
  • This is true, but why? Because we have plurality voting and the electoral college. STAR voting, approval voting, ranked choice voting. Any of those voting systems would fix that, along with ending the electoral college. 1 Citizen, 1 Vote.

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    Civil war
  • The preview I saw of it makes it look like shit. What is the justification at all? Why did the fighting start? Sounds like bullshit, feel free to spoil it for me, not going to watch it regardless. Just looks like some type of brainworm took over everyone and they started wanting violence indiscriminately.

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    The reason why we never meet time travelers is because our civilization ends before the technology can come to fruition.
  • You don't even need that hypothetical for it to make sense. Look up how chimpanzees fight against each other for territory. It's survival of the fittest over millions of years, simple. Cold weather in the north, requiring the development of technology for survival, learning how to use fire to cook clean food, learning how to use alcohol to purify water, etc. We split from chimpanzees millions of years ago, and chimpanzees can only survive in very lush jungle areas because of the food sources they rely on, which is why they're endangered.

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    Plans for Saudi Arabia’s linear city cut from 170km to 2.4km
  • Huge waste of time and money. That effort could be focused on many better and more reasonable projects. This is what happens when fucking idiots get a ton of money inherited from their parents. We should never have relied on Saudi oil, it's been a drain on humanity.

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    The reason why we never meet time travelers is because our civilization ends before the technology can come to fruition.
  • Time travel within the same universe is not possible, it is a fun fiction which is always contradictory in some way. The only time travel possible would be the one that William Gibson uses in The Peripheral. His idea is that every time you go back in time a new parallel universe is created, and it doesn't impact your current universe because of that.

    My theory is that we're one of the most advanced species in our galaxy, and yet we still can't reach another solar system. The probability of intelligent life forming from unintelligent life is extremely unlikely, and we had life on Earth for a LONG time before humans evolved. Intelligent life is very difficult to form, you need the perfect conditions and perfect stressors over millions of years. Then on top of that intelligent life which can reach another solar system is even less likely.

    There's life out there thinking the same thing right now:

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    Residents in wealthy California town block access to public hot springs with boulders
  • It’s not clear if the stones have been cleared.


    More like, "we just got paid to not do anything about it". If they wanted those stones cleared they would have brought a fucking excavator, got shit done, and fined the people responsible over $10,000 for the cost of moving them.

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    Helldivers 2’s Politics Appear To Be Flying Over The Heads Of Some
  • Now you're applying real laws of physics to a movie which clearly breaks the laws of physics many times throughout the movie, by that logic none of their spaceships would function at all realistically. Just make believe whatever you want at that point, it's all fiction anyway, I was trying to go off of the fandom lore, now I don't care.

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    Geoengineering Test Quietly Launches Salt Crystals into Atmosphere
  • This is a waste of time as it doesn't address the root cause of the problem.

    Here are a few real impactful solutions:

    Build and subsidize nuclear power

    Ban cow ranching and beef entirely

    Build and subsidize denser housing

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    Helldivers 2’s Politics Appear To Be Flying Over The Heads Of Some
  • As per the lore of Starship Troopers, yes I'm sure. There is no evidence even slightly that it was done by humans in that universe. On the other hand, in Helldivers 2 the intro video is clearly staged and prerecorded produced by the "Ministry of Truth" with the statement "scenes like these are happening all over the galaxy" making it clear that it was a staged video.

    The bugs in Starship Troopers even tried to send another one which was stopped:

    "Later, at a certain point, the Arachnids launched a second meteor towards Earth. Fortunately for the Federation, it was destroyed by a Missile defence turret on Luna Base. The meteor would have slammed into southern Africa, possibly at Cape Town. "

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    Helldivers 2’s Politics Appear To Be Flying Over The Heads Of Some
  • The satirical nature of Helldivers 2 is obvious, but in Starship Troopers the bugs flung a meteor at Earth which destroyed a major city and killed millions. I would argue that Starship Troopers has a bit more of a serious vibe with subtle satire, aside from some of the commercials like the one of soldiers giving kids guns. In Helldivers 2 the intro video shows that bugs are killing civilians, which could be true or could be purely propaganda. But yea, anyone who doesn't understand that Helldivers 2 is satirical is a fucking idiot. It all makes fun of militaristic imperialism, you can literally name your ship "King of Democracy".

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    Some Colleges Will Soon Charge $100,000 a Year. How Did This Happen?
  • It got this way because younger people are willing to go into debt to get an education, and schools take advantage of that expected level of debt. I highly recommend looking up certificates that are available. One of the best ways to change this is for people to switch to alternatives.

  • Steps to make the U.S. better:

    • STAR voting
    • Universal vote by mail
    • Voting day holiday
    • Merge Senate into House
    • Remove House rep cap
    • End electoral college
    • End filibuster
    • UBI Citizen's dividend
    • UBI bonus for voting
    • Universal healthcare
    • Legalize marijuana
    • Decriminalize prostitution
    • Decriminalize recreational drugs
    • Subsidize drug rehabilitation
    • Overturn Citizens United v. FEC
    • All political donations public
    • Ban corporate home ownership
    • Combat gerrymandering algorithm
    • Income up to $50k untaxed
    • IRS files taxes for Citizens
    • VAT for luxury items
    • Land value tax up to 3%
    • Ban private prisons and penal labor
    • Supreme court 17 year term limit
    • Raise highest bracket tax to 50%
    • Raise corporate tax rate to 30%
    • End religious tax exemptions
    • Collateral for loan is realized gain
    • Politicians banned from stocks
    • Municipalize internet service
    • Abortion constitutional right
    • Transition to metric system
    • Subsidize nuclear energy
    • Federal minimum wage to $20
    • Minimum wage scales with inflation
    • Ban tipped minimum wage
    • Financial literacy in schools
    • Cancel all student loan debt
    • End federal student loans
    • Subsidize dense housing
    • Increase NASA budget +10%
    • Streamline temporary work visas
    • Ban non-emergency robocalls
    • End federal money to Israel

    For more discussion and your own suggestions you can post in

    Text post rather than image of text


    Pride should stem from good personal decisions or accomplishments given one's situation and life circumstances. Being born somewhere isn't a decision nor an accomplishment.


    The fact that developers have to cater to multiple platforms that have hardware limitations and different operating systems has led to worse quality of games of time. Console exclusives are anti-competitive, monopolistic, and they lead to a terrible consumer experience.


    If the argument is that marijuana is bad for health and it should be illegal, then with the same logic, alcohol should be illegal because it's also bad for health.

    18 Trump urges Israel to 'finish up' its Gaza offensive and warns about global support fading

    Former President Donald Trump says he would have responded the same way as Israel did after the Oct. 7 attack by Hamas but urged the country to “finish up” its offensive and “get this over with,” warning about international support fading.


    Now, before you tell me "this is a popular opinion wtf!", realize that this would get deleted on Reddit pretty quickly.