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Reddit is so toxic
  • There’s so much hostility

    Same here, to be honest. Except for Beehaw, every other place seems like a no-mod/no-remember-the-human land.

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    President Biden is now posting into the fediverse
  • And some governments, like Germany and The Netherlands.

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  • To me, it seems like you and the OP resent US users for simply existing in an online space without putting forth any solutions to the issue. Are you sure you’re not trying to find ways to justify anti-US bias?

    If you want the space to have more equal representation, why not produce high-quality content that appeals to your fellows rather than moaning about people who by your own admission mean no harm?


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    If you make a grammar/spelling mistake in your comment and realize later will you edit it to fix it?
  • I always do that, but only if I have the option to edit it. If I don't, then maybe I delete my comment and start over, or maybe I don't.

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    A reminder not to spiral from a simple mistake
  • ADHD and ASD enter the chat: "May we join?"

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  • There is no need to read those languages. Translations are still a thing. I remember that, while on Reddit, r/Europe posted links in other languages, but OP provided an English translation. So, yes, you can post national news in your official language, whatever it is, and post its translation, and now you have an international community or instance.

    But it seems I'm the only one who posts links in my official language (Spanish) on international communities.

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  • I already do, not every day but sometimes, when I see something worth to be published. You can check inside my profile.

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  • I don't use stuff from that continent (in fact, as far as I know, Kbin is European, and is even based in Europe). But when I browse through all, majority of content is related to US somehow, and majority of comments are related to something in the US too.

    I can block communities and instances, obviously, but generic communities are being pushed to US culture somehow, despite having allegedly users from other countries and continents. And there is no filter, unfortunately, so either block or get bombarded by US-related stuff

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    New Discord TOS binds you to forced arbitration - Opt-Out Now
  • Settling disputes between you and Discord

    Informal resolution. Most disputes can be resolved informally, so if you have an issue with the services, you agree to reach out to us before initiating a lawsuit or arbitration. This requires emailing written notice (‘Written Notice’), which must include: (1) your name; (2) the email address or phone number associated with your Discord account; (3) a detailed description of the issue, and (4) how you’d like to resolve it. If the dispute is not resolved within sixty (60) days after receipt of the Written Notice, you and Discord agree to resolve any remaining dispute through further informal discussions or one of the formal dispute resolution provisions below. You must engage in this informal resolution process before starting any formal dispute resolution unless exempted by law. Applicable statutes of limitations and due dates for arbitration filing fees or other deadlines will be tolled upon receipt of the Written Notice to, while the parties attempt informal resolution.

    If you reside in the European Union, you may also be entitled to submit your complaint to the European Commission’s Online Dispute Resolution (ODR) Platform or the Out-of-Court Dispute Settlement (‘OCDS’) mechanism under DSA Article 21. ODR allows EU consumers to resolve disputes related to the online purchases of goods and services without going to court. Note that a submission to the ODR or via the OCDS mechanism alone, without submitting a Written Notice to, will not toll the applicable statutes of limitations or other deadlines.

    Governing law and jurisdiction. The Federal Arbitration Act, federal arbitration law, and California law will apply to these terms and any disputes related to these terms or our services, regardless of conflict of laws rules. Any dispute that is not subject to arbitration will be resolved exclusively in the state or federal courts in San Francisco County, California, and you and Discord both consent to venue and personal jurisdiction in these courts.

    If you are a consumer who resides in the European Union, this clause and these conditions generally do not affect any mandatory consumer rights you may have under your local law, and all disputes arising in connection with the services or these conditions shall be subject to the exclusive jurisdiction of the court of Amsterdam (The Netherlands) or, if you are a consumer, to the closest court to your home if you are in a state member of the Europan Union.

    THIS. Now, next time anyone posts something, think a little bit more about the rest of the world, because we exist too. US is not the only place here.

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    New Discord TOS binds you to forced arbitration - Opt-Out Now
  • It would be wise to put in the post title whether a piece of news applies worldwide or US-wide, because some of us aren't good guessers.

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    Putin pained by Moscow attack, even if not visible
  • He's pained because it wasn't his idea. But hey, next time don't try to vanish other sovereign countries and their population, and focus on your own.

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    196 does not rule when the top voted posts are all about US politics
  • I can't say the same thing OP says, because I blocked every politics community/magazine I could see when browsing all. But the truth is that most posts and comments, whether politics or not, are related to something about US.

    The sad thing is that we can't do anything to bring balance onto the existing instances, so 80% of content will keep being related to US and 20% of content will keep being related to the rest of the world.

    The good thing is that an instance called or could be created, similar to this magazine, but at instance level. Or we can block every community/magazine where most content, whether posts or comments, is related to US.

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    What brought you over to Lemmy?
  • I created my first account on on the 28th of April 2022, some days after leaving Twitter to join Mastodon, because I wanted to bring content to the fediverse (my ADHD brain wanted me to hyperfocus on the fediverse at that time).

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    Worldnews .ml modding is on par with reddit's censorship
  • isn’t better than those three instances.

    I didn't mention at all, neither I said I was on that instance (I'm not, by the way), neither I said it was or wasn't better than those three instances.

    Tankies don’t scare or bother me.

    Yet you were censored on a washed out tankie instance.

    everyone is equally partaking in censorship, no one can hold arguments anymore, every one is allergic to having their opinion challenged.

    Only tankies and people who don't think that America is a continent. Otherwise, I didn't have any issues with anyone.

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    Worldnews .ml modding is on par with reddit's censorship
  • Block, and, and block all communities/magazines about politics. Then your experience will improve a lot.

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    What other parts of the fediverse are you using?
  • Lemmy (not for too long, hopefully), Kbin, PeerTube (even uploading content every week), Mastodon and Pixelfed.

  • Hito en cirugía neonatal: intervienen con éxito un tumor en una bebé antes de nacer

    Los expertos extirparon un tumor cardiaco que ponía en riesgo la vida de la gestante, de 28 semanas, y de su madre

    Experts removed a heart tumor that put the lives of the 28-week gestating infant and her mother at risk.

    It is the first time that an intervention of this type has been performed in Spain on such a small baby.

    6 La primera generación sin tabaco, ¿una utopía cada vez más probable?

    El número de fumadores diarios en España desciende cada año y algunos países legislan ya su ilegalización progresiva. Sin embargo, nuevas formas de consumo como el vapeo muestran que todavía queda un largo camino por recorrer.

    The number of daily smokers in Spain decreases every year and some countries are already legislating their progressive illegalization. However, new forms of consumption such as vaping show that there is still a long way to go.


    Hello. I was diagnosed with ADHD one year ago already (I was 35 back then), but since then I'm only with medical treatment, in other words, with medication. This medication can keep my ADHD symptoms under control, at a degree. But it does absolutely nothing against my executive dysfunction and my focus issues, and I don't have proper tools to handle my ADHD.

    On a Discord server someone told me to look for therapists that do online sessions from third world countries for ADHD people, but I don't know where to look for them, and I don't know whether they're actual therapists or random scammers either. I live in Spain (pointing that out in case you try to push your US narrative), and a psychologists charges between 40 € and 60 € per session, being one session per week. And I can't afford spending 160 €/240 € per month when I don't even have a job.

    Does anyone can give me some advice or recommendations, or webpages where I can look for someone?


    Well, my issue is simple to explain, but I tried everything to solve it without success.

    I like recording gameplays, just for fun. The game I currently make recordings for is not resource heavy (it's Doom 2 through GZDoom). I'm using Lubuntu 22.04.

    So, here is the command I've just used:

    ffmpeg -f x11grab -draw_mouse 0 -framerate 30 -probesize 42M -video_size 1920x1080 -i :0 -f pulse -i default -c:v libvpx-vp9 -r 30 -g 90 -quality realtime -frame-parallel 1 -qmin 4 -qmax 48 -b:v 4500k -c:a libvorbis prueba.mkv

    The issue is, if I record without including the audio, then the video plays smoothly after being recorded. But if I record including the audio, no matter what parameters, codecs, bitrate or anything I use, then the video is barely watchable, with lots of choppiness, and even with delay between audio and video, apparently.

    SimpleScreenRecorder works fine, but sometimes there are few frames dropped and I don't like it much. OBS is very heavy for my hardware (Mac Mini 2016, Intel Core i5 1.4 GHz 4260U, Intel HD Graphics 4000, 4 GB RAM).

    I also tried VAAPI, with same results as above.

    And the thing is that I remember recording some years ago, with no issues at all.

    I don't know what to do. Any tip or solution?


    I like recording my gameplays as a hobby, especially since I watched some youtubers recording theirs. But I have some issues on Lubuntu:

    • OBS is too heavy for my hardware, which is a Mac Mini 2016. Everytime I tried to do some recordings, video appeared heavily stuttered.

    • Ffmpeg is very lightweight, and I was experimenting with it, but for some reason video appears faster and ahead from audio, out of sync.

    • SSR (SimpleScreenRecorder) is the best option for me. But sometimes there are dropped frames. Not too many, although enough to be noticeable at some times.

    Now, my issue with SSR is that I want to use the OpenGL option to see how good or bad it is. The problem is that there is no information on internet except for Steam. And when I want to execute the command ssr-glinject [program], a segmentation fault appears.

    What can I do?

    1 Sanidad incluirá gafas y lentillas en las prestaciones de la Seguridad Social

    El Ministerio de Sanidad considera que es una necesidad que la salud visual se incorpore a la cartera común de la atención primaria.

    The Ministry of Health considers that it is a necessity that visual health be incorporated into the common portfolio of primary care.


    What are your tips to deal with executive dysfunction when medication doesn't tackle it?

    Hello, fellow ADHDers. I'm in the verge of despair and irreversible frustration.

    Here is my situation. I'm trying to prepare to pass a competitive service exam in Spain, Europe. I'm from Spain, by the way. So, because it's a competitive service exam, there is always a ratio of 30 or 40 people per job offer. So, if there are 1.000 job offers and 40.000 people to pass that exam, I need to be among those 1000 best marks.

    Anyway, because of that, I need to study like 10 hours per day, 6 days per week. I put one day to rest because I don't like to be burnt out. But what happens? It happens that I'm only able to study 2 hours per day, or barely 3 during my best days. And the rest of the day, I procrastinate or do useless stuff, even when I want to study with all my strength.

    I tried caffeine two weeks ago, and until today, it worked for 2 or 3 days, allowing me to study during those hours. But other days, maybe I was able to study for 4 hours, or even 5.

    So, if you struggled like me and you were able to succeed, how did you do that? How can I force myself to study for 10 hours per day like normal people do with no issues?

    PS: I'm not allowed to take any ADHD stimulants. No Concerta, no Elvanse... I only take atomoxetine, since March 2023.


    What is ownership in the digital age?

    The big media companies want to redefine what it means to purchase content. They want everything to be a rental, even if you pay full price. That's dumb.


    Eduardo Ladrón de Guevara, co-creator of 'Cuéntame cómo pasó', dies on the same day the series ends Muere Eduardo Ladrón de Guevara, cocreador de 'Cuéntame cómo pasó', el mismo día en el que acaba la serie

    Fue, junto a Patrick Buckley y Miguel Bernardeau, uno de los creadores de la icónica serie. Antes trabajó en otras series míticas como 'Farmacia de guardia', 'Los ladrones van a la oficina', 'Querido maestro' o 'Manolito Gafotas&#039...

    The death this Wednesday of the screenwriter Eduardo Ladrón de Guevara, at the age of 80, has coincided with the farewell of the iconic series of which he was co-creator, Cuéntame cómo pasó.

    An ending that seems scripted and that many have wanted to take advantage of to highlight the contribution of Ladrón de Guevara (Madrid 1943-2023) to comedy in cathodic fiction.

    "We say goodbye to Eduardo Ladrón de Guevara (Madrid 1943-2023), who died today. He was one of the creators of Cuéntame, a series that ends its broadcast tonight. We appreciate his talent and his work in a long career as a #screenwriter. Rest in peace ", wrote the ALMA screenwriters union, in a comment on X.

    The screenwriter Ignacio del Moral, a friend and colleague of his since they met in Eva y Adán, agencia matrimonial, has described him as "a fun, cultured, committed, joking and grumpy guy."

    As it could not be less, the official Cuéntame account has joined the tributes: "Our history could not have been written without him."

    Ladrón de Guevara was, along with Patrick Buckley and Miguel Bernardeau, one of the creators of Cuéntame cómo pasó, a series in which he developed the format, in addition to writing and coordinating a large part of its scripts for 17 seasons.

    From journalism to television

    He began his professional career as a journalist in newspapers such as Informaciones y Pueblo – an editorial that would inspire Toni Alcántara's work in the series –, in addition to collaborating with agencies such as Fax-Press and Colpisa.

    He abandoned journalism to dedicate himself to writing plays and television fiction. Before Cuéntame, he worked on other legendary series such as Farmacia de Guardia or Los ladrones van a la oficina and others such as Tío Willy, Eva y Adán, agencia matrimonial, Querido maestro, Siete días de amor, Manolito Gafotas or Gente encantadora.

    As a screenwriter he was awarded various national and international awards: New York Festival, Ondas, Fotogramas, Academia de las Artes y las Ciencias de Televisión, the Premio Nacional de Televisión in its first edition. He was nominated for an Emmy in 2003 as co-creator of Cuéntame.

    Although his best-known work was as a screenwriter, he wrote more than twenty plays and won awards such as the Calderón de la Barca, Borne, Rojas Zorrilla and Ciudad de San Sebastián, and novels, such as El champán frío y la venganza caliente.

    0 Russia’s LGBTQ+ community unites amid Kremlin crackdown

    Surveillance and the threat of imprisonment: Euronews spoke to Russian queer activists who have chosen to stay in the country, despite increasing hostility towards the LGBTQ+ community

    Surveillance and the threat of imprisonment: Euronews spoke to Russian queer activists who have chosen to stay in the country, despite increasing hostility towards the LGBTQ+ community


    Blocking instances doesn't work properly.

    Some weeks ago, I decided to block from my profile, because I only saw memes and shitposts from that instance, and I found easier to block the whole instance instead of blocking single communities.

    But I keep seeing communities from that instance when I'm browsing all. Why is that?

    2 Francina Armengol, presidenta del Congreso tras el acuerdo con Junts y ERC

    La socialista obtiene los apoyos del partido de Puigdemont y también de ERC tras aceptar comisiones de investigación sobre Pegasus y el atentado del 17A, el uso del catalán en la Cámara y culminar la desjudicialización

    The PSOE gets the first step to keep the Moncloa. The socialist Francina Armengol has been elected this Thursday president of the Congress of Deputies thanks to the agreement with the progressive forces and an in extremis pact with Esquerra Republicana and Junts. An absolute majority with 178 votes in favor that make the Balearic Islands president of the Lower House and will allow the Socialists and Sumar to gain control of the Table.

    Armengol has thus prevailed over the candidate proposed by the Popular Party, Cuca Gamarra, in a vote that directs the negotiation for the investiture of Pedro Sánchez as president of the Government, which once again depends on the will of Carles Puigdemont's. Gamarra has only managed to add the support of the Canary Islands Coalition and the Union of the Navarro People to the PP votes; Vox has decided to vote for its own candidate after verifying that those of Alberto Núñez Feijóo will not give them a position on the Congress Table.

    Both Junts and ERC assure that this agreement is limited solely to the Mesa, but it is undoubtedly a first gesture that makes it easier for negotiations to begin to form a new coalition government. A PP victory this Thursday, all sources agree, would almost certainly have led to a repeat election.

    Catalan separatists have kept this vote in suspense until the last minute. It was only cleared up during the Junts per Catalunya management meeting on the morning of this same Thursday. According to negotiating sources, the General Secretary of Junts, Jordi Turull, would have communicated to his party during that conclave some details of the agreement reached.

    According to Junts sources, among these agreements is the use of Catalan in Congress -to which Armengol would explicitly refer in today's speech after being elected-, the reopening of the investigation commission on the so-called 'State sewers' and the creation of a committee of investigation into the attacks in Barcelona and Cambrils on 17-A.

    The negotiation has not finished closing until this morning, with contacts that took place until the early hours of this Wednesday and crossed documents between the socialist negotiators and Junts, in addition to ERC. The Republicans have also given the green light to the last document, which contained the same commitments as with Junts.

    The Republicans have also negotiated one last point, under the heading of the "dejudicialization" of the "political conflict" in Catalonia through the "necessary legal channels", which has ended up receiving the yes of the PSOE. ERC understands that this is a commitment that the Mesa will not block the processing of an amnesty law in case it is proposed.

    As ERC has detailed, the possibility of using languages ​​other than Spanish will materialize in an organic law, which guarantees the use of Catalan in all State instances, including justice, and which also culminates the Government's commitments on the promotion of languages ​​in Europe.

    Junts's position has been of maximum hardness until practically the end of the negotiation. Less than 24 hours after the vote, Junts had not made a decision on what he would do and the former president sent a message through X (formerly Twitter) in which he claimed "verifiable facts" to give his votes. Puigdemont was referring to public commitments, which for the moment the PSOE had circumvented. The negotiation, however, intensified hours later, when the negotiators accepted some of the independence demands to gain support for Armengol.

    The agreed points are three demands that the Catalan parties had insisted on throughout the last legislature. The use of Catalan and languages ​​other than Spanish in Congress was one of the issues in which ERC and Junts considered that they could push the PSOE further, after Sumar had launched this proposal in recent weeks. It was more difficult to get investigative commissions into the use of the Pegasus program to spy on independentistas or the 17A attack, two matters on which the Socialists had never considered that a parliamentary commission should be opened.

    The definitive document

    But the negotiation with Junts has been definitively unblocked early this Thursday with the registration of a key document: the Foreign Minister, José Manuel Albares, has submitted a written request for Catalan, Basque and Galician to be languages co-officials of the European Union.

    The registration occurred at 8:18 a.m. this Thursday. Albares has sent the petition to the European Council, in which the representatives of the Governments of the Member States meet to discuss and agree on modifications to the Treaties of the Union.

    The petition, if approved, will mean that Catalan, Galician and Basque will be co-official languages ​​of the European Union: they will be able to be used in the European Parliament, political representatives will be able to address community institutions in that language and official documents will be also translated into those languages.

    PSOE and Sumar guarantee a progressive majority in the Table

    After obtaining the presidency, the PSOE and Sumar have guaranteed a progressive majority in the whole of the Table. This body is key to deciding highly relevant issues regarding the functioning of the Chamber during the legislature, such as who can or cannot form a parliamentary group when it is on the verge of what the regulation establishes, where the deputies sit, the hiring of the groups or the times of intervention in plenary.

    Thanks to a pact between the eventual government partners, the PSOE is left with three positions on the Congress Table (the presidency, a vice-presidency and a secretary) and Sumar with two (a vice-presidency and a secretary). This allows the progressive bloc to control five of the nine positions in this body. Alfonso Gómez de Celis will repeat as first vice-president and Esther Gil, deputy of the coalition led by Yolanda Díaz, will have another vice-presidency. Gerardo Pisarello will repeat as secretary as part of Sumar's quota and Isaura Leal will be the secretary on behalf of the PSOE.

    The Popular Party has taken over the rest of the posts. José Antonio Bermúdez de Castro and Marta González will have a vice-presidency each and Guillermo Mariscal and Carmen Navarro will be secretaries of the table. The PP had enough votes to guarantee those four positions on its own, although it could have given a seat to Vox as a gesture in view of a possible investiture vote for Alberto Núñez Feijóo. The popular have ruled out this movement, which has annoyed the far-right formation. Santiago Abascal's party, as a gesture of protest, has decided to vote for its own candidate for the presidency of Congress and not for Cuca Gamarra after verifying that they would not have a place on the Table.

    Translation made with Google Translate.


    Change is coming. Humanity is entering a turbulent new era, unprecedented in both Earth and Human history. To survive the coming centuries and fulfill our potential as a species, we will have to overcome the biggest challenges we have ever faced, from extreme climate change, to rogue A.I., to the inevitable death of the sun itself.

    The headlines make our chances look bleak. But when you look at our history and our tenacity, it's clear that humanity is uniquely empowered to rise to the challenges we face.

    If we succeed, our potential is cosmic in scale. Incredible prosperity is within our reach. Being optimistic is not only justified, it's a powerful weapon in the fight for a higher future.


    Hello, everyone.

    I started Strattera for ADHD in March this year. I changed my breakfast 4 or 5 times already since then, because I can't stand its flavour after some period of time. Sometimes because of that bitter feeling that atomoxetine causes, and sometimes because of breakfast doesn't taste good. Now I'm taking peanut butter jelly sandwiches, which hides that bitter taste of atomoxetine... but peanut butter gives me an awful taste and feeling afterwards, despite the fact that I like peanuts.

    I'm tired of this, and I don't know what else I should do. I tried drinking orange juice, I tried drinking milk with biscuits, I tried cheese and ham sandwiches, and now this.

    Does anyone suffer from the same thing?

    UPDATE: Apparently there is something I missed when I read the instructions. Atomoxetine can cause dysgeusia between 1% and 10% of patients. I'm doomed.


    I think this desktop can be very useful for ADHD people. Kera Desktop

    An easy, pleasant, speedy, and exciting way to use your favorite OS.